We Sorta Have A Back Porch!

Lots of progress on the sun room conversion to back porch to share with y’all!  I am in love with how it’s turning out.  I can see David, Evie and me hanging out back here next summer… so cool!

Originally we had 4×4 posts as columns supporting the roof on our new back porch.

But as you can tell from the photo below, they were significantly splitting.  Even though that doesn’t mean they’re not structurally sound, I decided I wasn’t comfortable with such skinny posts so we ended up replacing them with 6x6s.  DSC_0306

I apologize for not having any pictures during the process, but check out the back porch with the new 6×6 columns and railing!!!!

I love how it’s turning out!DSC_0401

To be more affordable, we decided to eventually paint it ourselves (in all our spare time, ha!) but the contractor did everything else.DSC_0402

As you can tell, the ceiling still isn’t done in these pictures but everything else is!DSC_0403

We were surprised by how much of the original roof the contractors kept… guess it was structurally sound and no need to tear it all out.  DSC_0405Almost done with the whole thing!  You can totally see what it’s going to look like when it’s complete.  So excited to be able to use this for our little family and friends!


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