Where I Work From Home

To give y’all an idea where I’m writing these new blog posts from, I thought I’d share my little area of the farmhouse that’s just for me. I took this unused space we left kind of awkwardly coming off of the upstairs hallway:empty nook of house between door and window

It is carved out of the kid’s bathroom. The original architect’s plans for designing this bathroom had the wall going all the way to the window and removing the window, but we decided to keep the window and just make the bathroom smaller. So it is kind of a built in little nook there.empty nook in house between bathroom and wall

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Creating My Work Space

I decided to buy a happy wallpaper sight unseen from Target (oooooh pandemic life!). I settled on this lovely yellow print! This was my first DIY wallpaper install and I hated it after about .1 seconds. To all you bloggers out there doing your own wallpaper, hats off. It’s not my thing and that’s ok.

Then I bought myself a little stand up desk that adjusts to different heights. I got it in white and my favorite think about it is its compact size. I also like having two different surfaces at different heights.

stand up desk in nook work from home yellow wallpaper

Ta dahhhhh! It looks out over the pig pen to the side of the house, which is always fun to see Tinkerbell and Mr. Smee just busy being cute.

To all my fellow mamas out there who found themselves working from home full-time with kids home from school last March, I FEEL YOU. I read somewhere that 2020 proved moms can lift a heavy truck off of their kid if it comes down to it. And 2021 needs to be about healing our backs from that heavy lifting.

Since the twins’ birth, I haven’t worked (I mean worked at a job that I’ve gotten paid to do, but ohmygoodness I have the utmost respect for twin moms because having only one kid at a time seems so much more do-able by comparison now– oh the things I would tell my former self to be grateful for!) but now I can use my work-from-home space for blogging and just doing all those tasks that seem to need to get done on a laptop.



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