White Hexagon Tile Floor

Hello!  Sorry for the long pause between blog posts– David and I went to Argentina for a week to celebrate his 30th birthday (ahhh!!) and one last big trip before our baby comes!  Now we’re back, and lots has happened while we’ve been gone.


First of all, the floor has been installed in the bathroom!  After lots of internet and storefront scouring, I decided I wanted a simple white hexagon tile floor (see this Pinterest page for lots of ideas!).  Here are some beauties, courtesy of Houzz:






White hexagon floors seem timeless to me and something that would fit in an updated bathroom in an 1850 farmhouse.  I did some online research and ended up with this:


From this website, Floor & Decor, each square foot was only $3 (plus they were having a promo for free shipping when I ordered!) so we only spent $173 total for 55 square feet.

Anyway, the contractors installed the floor while we were gone and it looks great!


They also installed beadboard on the walls, as you can see above– all ready for us to prime and paint.DSC_0366

Close-ups of the tile with white grout…DSC_0367

I chose white grout for a few reasons.  I know it shows the slightest dirt and needs to be swept/ cleaned frequently, but it also makes it easier to see when it’s dirty (trust me, when you have a brown tile bathroom floor it can look surprisingly clean and then your toes feel nastiness that grosses you out) plus you can use bleach to clean it real good.  🙂

Later this week I’ll share the updates that have been made with the bathroom sink: talk about exciting!  Now I’m off to unpack from a glorious trip away and do some much-needed laundry…


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