Window Treatments for Nursery


We used to have blinds in the bedroom that’s slowly becoming a nursery, but after a bit of research (apparently the cords are bad to have around babies) and persuasion (they were ugly), we decided to get some roller blinds.  Not that easy when neither of the two windows in the room are a standard size.  Oh, old houses!  A few weeks ago we ordered some custom sized roller blinds from Smith & Noble and they came in just perfect!


First we checked our window trim to make sure it was level– thankfully it was!

After that we just followed the super easy instructions provided by Smith & Noble.  David did all the drilling in about 2 minutes.





I really like these because you can roll them down slowly and they stay where you want them to, but if you kind of tug on them they roll back up and out of sight!


Haha David got so excited once he realized just how easy they were to install, and the fact he did it “right!”DSC_0334

Ta da!


Can’t wait to see how they’ll work with the other beige things we have in store for the nursery!

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