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Our lives are pretty boring these days– all we do is prime or paint!


In the above photo you can see the primer we’re using on the walls/the two unpainted ceiling beams (why leave two of fourteen unpainted?  We’ll probably never know).  It seemed perfect for us because it’s water based but it also adheres to everything without sanding, and I for one am sick and tired of all the sanding going on in this house.  I’m definitely getting lazy about it.  The primer is also super fast drying– for us it’s taking about 30 minutes to dry, and it’s mildew-resistant to boot!
IMG_1704Here are some pics of the primed walls:


IMG_1719We are putting trash bags over the countertop to protect them from paint drops, but I’m not too worried.  The paint is water-soluble and we can always sand the countertops too if necessary.  (Side note: we meant to prime/ paint the walls BEFORE the countertops were installed but sometimes you just go with your contractor’s schedule!  If he says he can work on your kitchen tomorrow, you simply say sounds good!)

Meanwhile, we’re also priming/ painting the new and existing cupboards.  Since we took out the ceiling fluorescent lighting, we’re just using table lamps and setting them on our countertops to paint; a downside to only being able to work on the house after we get home from our jobs is that the daylight fades quickly.


By the way– we started installing the beadboard backsplash!  You can see it (painted Russell Green) below:

We’re slowly getting there, and as I’m learning with home renovations, patience is CERTAINLY a virtue!



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