Chopping Down Our Christmas Tree!

Many people every year decide to cut down their own Christmas trees.  This year, Lynne and I were one of those families!!  Well, I can’t say it was quite the “traditional” way of cutting down your own tree in a forest or anything.  Actually, it was more like yard-work 🙂

We had this decently sized evergreen growing by our back stoop and never particularly liked it: it was prickly, kind of squat, and the half which faced the house was kind of dead-looking.





So naturally, Lynne and I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and make this our Christmas tree?  So we did!  The entire process took about 10 minutes since the tree was so small and went about like this:

Warm up the chainsaw…


Find a good way to access the trunk…


Cut ‘er down!


For convenience, I trimmed off some of the branches lower down on the trunk…


And cut the trunk again to give it a nice, flat base.


Then we drug it inside, set it in the stand, and voila!!!


Not quite the Christmas-y tree ever, but it actually looks pretty good 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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